sunnuntai 27. toukokuuta 2012


I spent a very nice weekend with Herzu again. We have our engage day on Monday and we have been together 2 years on Tuesday :). So cool. We went to Korkeasaari in Helsinki. Korkeasaari is a zoo(if someone didn't know it).

It was so hot that we didn't see very much tigers, lions etc.. because they were hide in thei cages. But here's some pics from our little trip~ There's more pictures but I was too lazy to put them all here.

My outfit on Saturday. Top: Lip Service
                                    Skirt: Lip Service
                                    Bag: Lantadel

Snowleobard was my favorite animal :) It's so cute, doesn't it?

We saw two brownbears. They are soo big! Almot 3 meters long when they stand on two feet(Herzu is 170cm long) So don't fuck with brownbear :D

There was peacocks too. Some stupid kids tried to drag it's feathers :< I really hope that beautiful creature realised to pick kids eyes...

My cutie <3 *kisses*

Our little relative - the baboon man!

The day in Korkeasaari was awesome! We had so much fun - as we always do. I bought some new things too, but I take pictures of them later :)

- Satanica

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  1. Hahah :D Tuli mieleen se kerta kun itse otin lumileopardista kuvaa, ja jostain kumman syystä luulin että leopardi kävelee puun takana olisi siisti kuva. Siis mitä *****? Mitä mä oikeen ajattelin, se kuva oli ihan p**** XD