torstai 19. huhtikuuta 2012

Course from Make Up Studio and new clothes

This day was exiting. At work we had course of Make Up Studio. I learnt so much new and it was fun. There was many nice people and now I know few tips which I may tell you in my Youtube videos ;)

I really recommend Make Up Studio's foundation. They are very light on the face and they fit very well for people who has dry skin too. I get a diploma from this course :)

But what I have bought? Actually, I have bought only one thing and the other one I changed.
So, this Lip Service's Bio Threat shirt I get when I gave my colorful dreadfalls for one girl on the internet:
Then I bought pvc bra's. Everyone knows how does the bra's look like.. So I don't put any picture of them. They are just normal pvc bra's. Nothing else. But I LOOVE them <3 They look so good under a webtop.

- Satanica with veery bad English. I'm so tired. Sorry.

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