maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2012

Yesterday's Nightwish concert at Tampere

Even though I'm a bit tired because of yesterday's UNBELIEVABLE concert, I have to tell you about it... Because it was so amazing! They had very cool show - there was pyrotechnics as they always have and fireworks too at the end of the show. They had some screen on the "wall" and there was a little videos and pictures(like a caroucel etc.)

The list of the songs is here:
Wish I Had an Angel
Dead to the World
Slow, Love, Slow
I Want My Tears Back
The Crow, the Owl and the Dove
The Islander
Nemo (Acoustic version) It was so sad! But not my favorite song. I like more the real version
Last of the Wilds
Planet Hell
Ghost River
The Poet and the Pendulum
Over the Hills and Far Away

So.. Here's some pic from the last gig. I really recommend Nightwish shows for you all! 

                                                                  Me and my sister

                                                        Herzu and Me
The whole group <3

- Satanica

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