perjantai 30. maaliskuuta 2012

10 followers! How nice is that!

Sorry my bad English again but I'm so happy that I have 10 followers in my blog, so thank you. 10 is not very much but I really thought that no-one is not interested in my.. life? writings.. And stuff. So thank you all!

On Monday, I will star my practical training which will end at the end of May. My "working place" is one awesome beauty salon and it's nice that it's very close to my home - so I don't have to wake up early. I'm so exited!! I hope that I will learn something new and maybe get some job from there soon.. Maybe not but I can always dream about it. Finally I get something _rational_ to do and not just lay at home and sit in front of the computer.. And chat in Facebook. I also work for real as a cleaner(lol) at Saturdays and Sundays but only few hours both day. I really hope that I get rid of this cleaner job, because I don't want to be like that my whole life..

What else.. Well. HerZu is coming here today and I'm actually waiting for him right now. We are going to meet my friend Hanna and maybe go to the gym or something..

Yesterday I was in Helsinki. I bought some new stuff(and now I have to save some money because my wallet is screaming some help) from Lip Service. The vest in the picture is from Lip Service. I totally fell in love with it and I had to buy it. It cost 59euros and that is VERY MUCH.. But I can't say no when some awesome cloth is whispering my name..
Then I bought a top which is from.. Queen of the Darkness? I actually don't remember because the top is in my closet right now :'D It cost only 20euros because it was on sale. I will take a picture of it sooner because I'm too lazy not to take any pictures.. And then I bought spiderweb tights.

But yeah. That's all for this time. :)!

- Satanica

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