maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

A little transformation

Hello guys! I found a very old picture from my computer. I decided to show you, how my style has changed between 2005-2012. Unfortunately, I didn't find any picture of me when I was little(they are all in my photo albums and I'm too lazy to scan them here XD).

So, here is my very VERY old picture from 200..5? Or 6? I was on the eight grade btw.

I'm a natural redhead and here you can see my natural haircolor! Wohoo! I had just started my "gothic style".

This is me from 2008. I really like this picture.

I look so much different today. So, here is the picture of me which I took today!
Tell me your opinion of my style! And show me your transformation :)

- Satanica

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