sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2012


January's SALEs.. What can I say. I get crazy and go shopping. In this post I will introduce some of my things which I bought last week(some of them are  from the Facebook's fleamarket for gothic chics).
This skirt from Helsinki's Backstreet. It was only 34,90 euros. Totally cute!
..Another skirt from Lip Service <3 I had to buy this because I have the same shirt on the picture, looks very good together!
There is one more skirt but I didn't find any picture of it and I was too lazy to take any pictures today.

These Demonia's shoes cost only 40 euros! They are from Facebook's Gothic flea market for Finnish goths.
..Then black and pink cyberlox(not from the Cyberloxshop even the picture says something else). Also from the flea market.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Moi. Kaksoissolan foorumilta löysin blogis ja ajattelin tulla liittyy lukijaks. (liikun siel nimimerkillä Särö) Sul on tosi hieno tyyli muute. :)

  2. Moikka! Kiva juttu, että Kaksoissolastakin tulee uusia lukijoita :) Ja kiitos kehuista <3