sunnuntai 8. tammikuuta 2012

My day

I should add a video which tells about my Christmas presents but I haven't already done it. I think it is a bit boring so I may delete that video from my computer and start to think my 11th video to put in Youtube - maybe a make up video but I don't know what kind of make up(please, tell me if you have some make up that you would like to see made by me).

But what has happened today. Me and my mother were meeting my grandmom who is in hospital because she broke her leg. She was very tired and she was sleeping, so we will be go there later. I bought new haircolor(black as always) and I will dye my hair... Maybe tomorrow. I want to get rid of this horrible light blue bang. It was very cool at the beginning but when I realised that I have to dye it all the time, I get mad with it and then I decided to dye it black again. I'm growing my hair longer (I don't have shaved head anymore, I get bored with it too) because I really want to do some gorgeous things with it, not just one and some only style like I had before. I know, I'm very strange, but I get bored fast. I change my hairstyle all the time(not the color). Sometimes I'm so bored that I don't want to keep dreadfalls anymore! But sooner I will put some dreads in my hair again(when my shaved side has growed enough) and then I can be happy.
I'm going to make new dreads(black) and maybe do some dreadfalls.

On June, I'm going to get a new tattoo - SILVER FANG tattoo! I was thinking something like this:
I will write about Silver Fang sooner, in my next post :)

That was my writing for today. Tell me if you have some good ideas for my dreads or make up video! See you soon, maybe in Youtube :)

- Satanica

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