sunnuntai 22. tammikuuta 2012


January's SALEs.. What can I say. I get crazy and go shopping. In this post I will introduce some of my things which I bought last week(some of them are  from the Facebook's fleamarket for gothic chics).
This skirt from Helsinki's Backstreet. It was only 34,90 euros. Totally cute!
..Another skirt from Lip Service <3 I had to buy this because I have the same shirt on the picture, looks very good together!
There is one more skirt but I didn't find any picture of it and I was too lazy to take any pictures today.

These Demonia's shoes cost only 40 euros! They are from Facebook's Gothic flea market for Finnish goths.
..Then black and pink cyberlox(not from the Cyberloxshop even the picture says something else). Also from the flea market.

keskiviikko 11. tammikuuta 2012

Today's outfit

Damn, I LOOOVE those pants <3 (the furryparts are birght orange!)
Top: Phaze
Pants: Magic Frog
Necklace: EuropeHouse

And the EXTRA picture of me eating chocolate <3

maanantai 9. tammikuuta 2012

Silver Fang - The salt of my life

So, I promised that I will tell you about my biggest hero in my whole life - Silver Fang(Ginga Nagareboshi Gin). It has been my favorite anime(I HATE ANIME AND MANGA but this one is the one I love till death!) since I was 2-years-old. My uncle had the finnish dubbed versions of Silver Fang and I have watched and played it through my whole childhood.

I was on the 6th grade at school when I heard that Silver Fang is also a manga - not only an anime. I found out that Silver Fang has a son - Weed. I get very interested about that and I and my friend decided to create our own "ginga" charachters. There were so many charachters which we made - and we played in few roleplaying games with our charachters. I have written some novels which tells about my charachters and their life - there are about 50 books(some of them are made with my friends) and the books are FAT.
Few my favorite "own made characthers" were Jakiya(the yellow-white akita who had a lot of scars over his body) and Sanityreaper(it reminded a bit a koga dog but she had many different colors in her hair).

I didnt't answer the question WHY I love Ginga seriers so much. Well, the reason is that Silver Fang is very brave and lojal to his friends and he is nice even for his enemies. He is fair too - he is that kind of person that I would like to be. And of course, I love dogs.
Here is my Ginga things(not the dog in the middle). It is a small collection now, but I will buy every of the Silver Fang mangas and Weed mangas too.

The Ginga collection:
- Silver Fang videos 1-4
- Silver Fang DVD with unseen moments
- Ginga Densetsu Weed DVDs 1,2 and 8
- Weed figures Sniper, Weed, Hiro
- Ginga Dentsetsu Riki manga
- Weed mangas 1-4(3 in English and part 4 in Japan)
- Silver Fang mangas 1,3,17,18 (in Finnish)
- Meteor Gin(Silver Fang "information" book")

sunnuntai 8. tammikuuta 2012

My day

I should add a video which tells about my Christmas presents but I haven't already done it. I think it is a bit boring so I may delete that video from my computer and start to think my 11th video to put in Youtube - maybe a make up video but I don't know what kind of make up(please, tell me if you have some make up that you would like to see made by me).

But what has happened today. Me and my mother were meeting my grandmom who is in hospital because she broke her leg. She was very tired and she was sleeping, so we will be go there later. I bought new haircolor(black as always) and I will dye my hair... Maybe tomorrow. I want to get rid of this horrible light blue bang. It was very cool at the beginning but when I realised that I have to dye it all the time, I get mad with it and then I decided to dye it black again. I'm growing my hair longer (I don't have shaved head anymore, I get bored with it too) because I really want to do some gorgeous things with it, not just one and some only style like I had before. I know, I'm very strange, but I get bored fast. I change my hairstyle all the time(not the color). Sometimes I'm so bored that I don't want to keep dreadfalls anymore! But sooner I will put some dreads in my hair again(when my shaved side has growed enough) and then I can be happy.
I'm going to make new dreads(black) and maybe do some dreadfalls.

On June, I'm going to get a new tattoo - SILVER FANG tattoo! I was thinking something like this:
I will write about Silver Fang sooner, in my next post :)

That was my writing for today. Tell me if you have some good ideas for my dreads or make up video! See you soon, maybe in Youtube :)

- Satanica