keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2011

It's been a pretty long time!

I haven't written here for weeks but I think now it is good time. My graduating from high school is on Monday and there has been a lot of things to buy and do for the party.
Today has happened also very GOOD things. Nightwish's new album Imaginaerum is released in Finland today and my cute friend Kristian will give it to me as a late birthday gift ^^(I had my birthday on the 25th November and I turned 19-years-old).

I have listened the NW album in Youtube(until Nuclear Blast took it away from there, and YES I am a betrayer because I listened it before it was released) and the songs was sooo good ! It is so much better than previous album Dark Passion Play(which was the first album with Anette).

You know what! HerZu was so sweet bf yesterday. Nightwish was in Helsinki and they gave signatures in shopping centre Kamppi at the midnight. HerZu was waiting for the signings and he was the 20th who got the signatures. I am jealous to him forever!

- Satanica

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