torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011


I have waited this album so long! And it will be released on November 30th in Finland. The single Storytime will be released on 10th November in Finland. I can't wait anymore! Storytime's teaser sounded so good which I could waited because Nightwish has never done any worse album, in my opinion.
I have been a huge fan of this band since I was on fifth grade in school(about 11-years-old). And even though Tarja left the band in 2005 and Anette took her place.. The band has changed only the singer, not the music which is the most important thing. I hate when everyone asks me " Which one do you like more? Tarja or Anette?" I ignore those questions because those beautiful ladies have so different voices that they can't be in comparison.

But yeah.. I have met Nightiwish's drummer Jukka. He is very fan-friendly and likes to talk with everyone. Me and my friend Hanna met him last year in Finnish Metal Expo when we were seeing Sonata Arctica, Turmion Kätilöt. We got a lot of signatures and fan pictures there and I have to show you one of them. Me with gorgeous Jukka "The God" Nevalainen. The picture is not very good because my hair look greasy(it is not, it is wet because we were outside before that picture and there was snowing). But yeah, here it is!
 Many of my firends asks always which is my favorite Nightwish song?  I can't never answer only one song because I love every of their songs and albums. But these are my favorites at this time: Storytime, Poet and The pendulum, Slaying The Dreamer, Wishmaster, Wish I had an Angel and so on. Check those songs from Youtube, but here's Storytime teaser from Imaginaerum.

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