sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2011


I have been interested in nail art since I started my beauty therapist school. Nail arts are one part of our education and the whole class fell in love with those beautiful nails. These nails I made this morning. I think they are simple but as people says.. Simple is always best! ;)
What do you think about these? Give comments! :)
I'm going to meet my friend Kristian today. I haven't seen him for weeks and now it's very good time to spend a little time with him :) On Monday, my boyfriend HerZu will arrive here in my place. He has his 20th birthday on Tuesday and he will party with me :) I have so cute present for him but I won't tell what I have for him.. Because it is not a surprise if he reads this post and then he knows my present :< But yeah.. Here's also a picture of me. 

- Satanica

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  1. Cool nice! I missed my long nails :( but for made drawings are very uncomfortable...