torstai 6. lokakuuta 2011

Job interview and dance invite.

Hello eveyone! 
This is my new blog. I have thought that I will make a blog here too, but I have never get started.. But today, I finally did it ^^. If you want to know about me more, please check out my Vampirefreaks and Youtube channel too( , in Youtube you can find me as XMedusaX6 ). But now, let's get begin. I hope you guys like my blog!

Yesterday, I get a call from Tampere. I had sent a job application in their spa and yesterday they called and asked me to come in a interview on Tuesday. I'm very happy about that because this is my second change to get my own occupation's job. I had searched a job from Hämeenlinna a couple of weeks ago. I went in a interview and the interviewer who could be my boss, complained the whole time about her firms things. She asked me to wait for December but hell no! I'm not that stupid that I would be jobless three months! So.. I searched work from somewhere else. I hope that Tampere's spa would take me. I would be so happy... Because I love this job so much.

In Finland, beauty salongs only problem to get a job is that: You aren't allowed to use heavy make up(they think that make up which I have on me almost everyday is too much even though I don't have any eyeshadow or lipstick), you can't wear any piercings or tattoos which can be seen or tattoos at all. It really depends on the beauty salong but that thing is still very sad.

But now in happier thoughts..
I get an invite to one of my dance group's member's birthday party. She asked ME to dance in her party - alone. I said "yes" and she told me that I can state two dances. This is my golden opportunity to use my new belly dance costume - the costume which is black with gold ornaments. It looks so adorable~ I put some pics of it later. 

This is from the summer. We were dancing in the centrum with my friend and the other members of our dance group. That dance is one of the saudi dances. It is kind of folk dance in Orient. It is very funny dance and it is very different than the original belly dance is. Because everyone know what is the "real" bellydance.. Or actually, with this costume it is called "dais dance".


- Satanica

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