sunnuntai 25. joulukuuta 2011

Hyvää Joulua! Merry X-mas!

Hyvää joulua kaikille! Ajattelin tämän postauksen kirjoittaa suomeksi. Luulen, että saan enemmän ja "selkeämpää" tekstiä aikaiseksi, kun teen sen suomeksi. Olen suhteellisen huono englannissa(tosin sen saattaa huomata kirjoittaessani englanniksi, sanajärjestys on välillä hakusessa jne.), mutta ei se mitään!
Kinkkua ja maksalaatikkoa olen syönyt kyllä ihan riittävästi.. Ja suklaata. Mites te? Saitteko paljon hyviä lahjoja? Itse sain oikeastaan rahaa 100e ja kaverilta kahvimukin ja karkkia, mutta kummitädin, enon ja isovanhempieni lahjat tulevat perästä. Siskoni tuo ne Perhosta tullessaan takaisin kotiin. Meillä on joulukuusikin olohuoneessa, tosin vähän idioottimaisessa paikassa(peittää koko olohuoneen ikkunan) plus että kuusi on vähän vinossa.
Huomenna menenkin sitten salille kuluttamaan syömiäni kaloreita! Vihaan lihomista! Tiistaina lähdenkin sitten jälleen kohti Helsinkiä. Aion tavata ystäväni Antun(Angelrose) ja olen hänen luonaan muutaman päivän. Uudeksi vuodeksi menen kultamussukalleni HerZulle. Mutta eipä minulla muuta. Jälkiruuaksi vielä kuva minusta tänään:

- Satanica

keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2011

It's been a pretty long time!

I haven't written here for weeks but I think now it is good time. My graduating from high school is on Monday and there has been a lot of things to buy and do for the party.
Today has happened also very GOOD things. Nightwish's new album Imaginaerum is released in Finland today and my cute friend Kristian will give it to me as a late birthday gift ^^(I had my birthday on the 25th November and I turned 19-years-old).

I have listened the NW album in Youtube(until Nuclear Blast took it away from there, and YES I am a betrayer because I listened it before it was released) and the songs was sooo good ! It is so much better than previous album Dark Passion Play(which was the first album with Anette).

You know what! HerZu was so sweet bf yesterday. Nightwish was in Helsinki and they gave signatures in shopping centre Kamppi at the midnight. HerZu was waiting for the signings and he was the 20th who got the signatures. I am jealous to him forever!

- Satanica

maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

The Three Musketeers

I get some medicine for my pain today. I'm so tired with this pain all the time. It is funny because my friend had same symptoms last year like me now(her symptoms started at the same time as mine but different year). Maybe we are twins somehow :D We have born at the same day too. Strange.. But funny.

But yeah. I had wonderful weekend with HerZu again. We were at cinema and we were watching The three musketeers. It was really good and I was very surprised when I saw Orlando Bloom in the movie! I didn't know that he was there too. And he acted very nice - as always. His charachter was one of my favorites and it was really cool to see Orlando as a "bad guy". He is very often a hero or something and this was very nice surprise ^_^. Here's the trailer of the movie:

torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011


I have waited this album so long! And it will be released on November 30th in Finland. The single Storytime will be released on 10th November in Finland. I can't wait anymore! Storytime's teaser sounded so good which I could waited because Nightwish has never done any worse album, in my opinion.
I have been a huge fan of this band since I was on fifth grade in school(about 11-years-old). And even though Tarja left the band in 2005 and Anette took her place.. The band has changed only the singer, not the music which is the most important thing. I hate when everyone asks me " Which one do you like more? Tarja or Anette?" I ignore those questions because those beautiful ladies have so different voices that they can't be in comparison.

But yeah.. I have met Nightiwish's drummer Jukka. He is very fan-friendly and likes to talk with everyone. Me and my friend Hanna met him last year in Finnish Metal Expo when we were seeing Sonata Arctica, Turmion Kätilöt. We got a lot of signatures and fan pictures there and I have to show you one of them. Me with gorgeous Jukka "The God" Nevalainen. The picture is not very good because my hair look greasy(it is not, it is wet because we were outside before that picture and there was snowing). But yeah, here it is!
 Many of my firends asks always which is my favorite Nightwish song?  I can't never answer only one song because I love every of their songs and albums. But these are my favorites at this time: Storytime, Poet and The pendulum, Slaying The Dreamer, Wishmaster, Wish I had an Angel and so on. Check those songs from Youtube, but here's Storytime teaser from Imaginaerum.

maanantai 24. lokakuuta 2011

Too much dentist..

I HATE dentists.. Last Wednesday, I was met my dentist. First she said that my wisdom tooth is growing up and that's why it is so painfull. She told me to take pills and wait until the tooh can be removed.. Well. The tooth was very painfull for a week.. Until it stoped. Now my other tooth is very painful. I can't eat well and when I touch the tooth, it hurts a bit.
I get to the dentist again today. And now there is a infection and that's why she have to do a root canal for me. I hope that it won't hurt even though it is a long process.. Now my mouth is numb and I cannot speak well. I hope that my toot won't be painfull when the anesthesia ends.

tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2011

Wisdom tooth?

My tooth has been very painfull since yesterday. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. I hope that it is a wisdom tooth that they will remove.. My gum is a bit swollen from the back but I'm a bit afraid of that I have something wrong in my other tooth. I hate when the dentist drills and it hurts so much! I think nothing is more horrible than pain in the mouth. I hope everything is fine.. I'm a bit afraid of dentist because I hate the pain that they can do with their instruments.. Outchh....

perjantai 14. lokakuuta 2011

I got my driving license!

Me and Herzu are going to Perho with my mom and sister Riikka ^^ We come back on Sunday. We will visit our grandparents, my aunt and uncle.

And you know what? I got my driving license yesterday! I'm sooo happy ^^ I had only two little mistakes and now I have drove the whole time.. But today my driving didn't go very well.. The car (my parents car, Seat Toledo) shutted down everytime on the hill and of couse in rush hour! But it is very different to drive with Seat than with little, lovely Toyota <3 Yeah, I may learn to drive with our Seat.. Maybe. Or then all the people in this town will be like this:
- Satanica

keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2011

HerZu's birthday

Yesterday we celebrated my boyfriend HerZu's 20th birthday. I gave him ^this shirt and he fell in love with it(I hope so, even though he said he liked it very much). I brought him eat in the Chinese Restaurant because HerZu loves Chinese food(especially fried noodles) ^_^. At the end of the day we watched horror movie House of Wax with my friend Miia. It was pretty cool movie even though it wasn't scary at all.. I say these same words when I see some horror movie - I have seen hundreds of them, so I don't scare them anymore. I have watched horror movies since I was 12-years-old.
- Satanica

sunnuntai 9. lokakuuta 2011


I have been interested in nail art since I started my beauty therapist school. Nail arts are one part of our education and the whole class fell in love with those beautiful nails. These nails I made this morning. I think they are simple but as people says.. Simple is always best! ;)
What do you think about these? Give comments! :)
I'm going to meet my friend Kristian today. I haven't seen him for weeks and now it's very good time to spend a little time with him :) On Monday, my boyfriend HerZu will arrive here in my place. He has his 20th birthday on Tuesday and he will party with me :) I have so cute present for him but I won't tell what I have for him.. Because it is not a surprise if he reads this post and then he knows my present :< But yeah.. Here's also a picture of me. 

- Satanica

torstai 6. lokakuuta 2011

Job interview and dance invite.

Hello eveyone! 
This is my new blog. I have thought that I will make a blog here too, but I have never get started.. But today, I finally did it ^^. If you want to know about me more, please check out my Vampirefreaks and Youtube channel too( , in Youtube you can find me as XMedusaX6 ). But now, let's get begin. I hope you guys like my blog!

Yesterday, I get a call from Tampere. I had sent a job application in their spa and yesterday they called and asked me to come in a interview on Tuesday. I'm very happy about that because this is my second change to get my own occupation's job. I had searched a job from Hämeenlinna a couple of weeks ago. I went in a interview and the interviewer who could be my boss, complained the whole time about her firms things. She asked me to wait for December but hell no! I'm not that stupid that I would be jobless three months! So.. I searched work from somewhere else. I hope that Tampere's spa would take me. I would be so happy... Because I love this job so much.

In Finland, beauty salongs only problem to get a job is that: You aren't allowed to use heavy make up(they think that make up which I have on me almost everyday is too much even though I don't have any eyeshadow or lipstick), you can't wear any piercings or tattoos which can be seen or tattoos at all. It really depends on the beauty salong but that thing is still very sad.

But now in happier thoughts..
I get an invite to one of my dance group's member's birthday party. She asked ME to dance in her party - alone. I said "yes" and she told me that I can state two dances. This is my golden opportunity to use my new belly dance costume - the costume which is black with gold ornaments. It looks so adorable~ I put some pics of it later. 

This is from the summer. We were dancing in the centrum with my friend and the other members of our dance group. That dance is one of the saudi dances. It is kind of folk dance in Orient. It is very funny dance and it is very different than the original belly dance is. Because everyone know what is the "real" bellydance.. Or actually, with this costume it is called "dais dance".


- Satanica